Hello, and welcome! If you found your way to this blog, thanks for visiting. I promise to make it worth your while.

As you can probably tell by the blog’s title, this is a site about movies. Ever since I stumbled on Casablanca back in eighth grade – absolutely the most charming thing Hollywood has ever produced – I’ve been addicted to watching movies. I’m a child-in-spirit of critics like Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin, critics who can make the wonder and magic of the movies leap out at you with every word they write. I won’t try to live up to their standard here; I’m simply a guy who really enjoys watching movies. All I hope is that the reviews I post will spark in you something like the passion for movies I got watching Casablanca that first time. If you walk away from this site even faintly entertaining the idea of watching one of the movies I reviewed, I will have succeeded.

So feel free to comment on my reviews as much as you please. My opinions on movies are just that: opinions. Good movies are meant to be discussed. And if there are movies you’d like me to watch and review, you’re welcome to suggest those in the comments as well – I’ll take any opportunity I get to watch and write about another movie. I’ll also post Oscar predictions and analysis as the movie awards season rolls around, because who doesn’t like following a good horse race?


With that, I hope you enjoy.

—- Andrew Xu

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