About the Author: Andrew Xu is a University of Chicago student, an incorrigible bookworm, and a religious consumer of political news sites. Ever since he watched Casablanca as an 8th-grader, he’s been hopelessly obsessed with the movies – and ever since he read the writings of Roger Ebert, he’s also been hopelessly obsessed with the idea of writing about movies. He started The FilmWatcher in September 2015 to satisfy both of these longings. Along the way, he also hopes that he’ll at some point score a 24/24 on his Oscar predictions.

The FilmWatcher Mission Statement:

In the two years I’ve been writing on The FilmWatcher, my primary goal has always been to promote and discuss theatrical releases and DVDs overlooked by larger outlets like Entertainment Weekly. It is my sincere hope that readers come away with both a greater love for the movies and a heightened awareness of the value of film criticism. As Pablo Picasso famously put it, “Art is the lie that allows us to understand the truth.” The reviews on this site hopefully do their small part to help uncover what the movies can tell us about ourselves and the world we live in.

A brief explanation of the rating system: The FilmWatcher uses the traditional four-star rating system, and a rating of three or higher generally indicates a movie worth your time. That said, however, even movies with lower ratings typically have merit, and the differences between movies of adjacent ranks (e.g. a 2.5-star movie and a 3-star one) can often be quite small. The stars are there to help you decide what to see, but they should not be taken as gospel.

With that, I hope you enjoy. Be sure to subscribe!