Film Threat/Racket

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Below are links to all of the reviews that I have written for Film Threat and Film Racket. Italicized titles are ones that I reviewed for Film Racket; all others are films that I reviewed for Film Threat.

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November 2019

Film Threat Reviews: November 2019

Reviews of Code & Response (** ½), The Corporate Coup D’État (*), When Lambs Become Lions (****), and Ximei (*** ½)

October 2019

Film Threat Reviews: October 2019

Reviews of Britt-Marie Was Here (*), Drive Me Home (**), Hamlet in the Golden Vale (** ½),
and Unlikely (* ½)

September 2019

Film Threat Reviews: September 2019

Reviews of The Blonde One (*** ½), Distant Harmony: Pavarotti in China (***), Out of Omaha (*** ½), and Send Me to the Clouds (** ½)

July/August 2019

Film Threat Reviews: August 2019

Reviews of Evergreen (*** ½), Fearing Future (*), Greenfield (* ½), and Label Me (** ½)

Film Threat Reviews: July 2019

Reviews of Absurd Accident (** ½), Bored in the USA (***), Hurry Slowly (**), and Low Flyers (*)

Film Racket Reviews: July + August 2019

Reviews of The Farewell (** ½), The Nightingale (***), and Gwen (**)

June 2019

Film Threat Reviews: June 2019

Reviews of Cancer Rebellion (*** ½), Chance Has No Empathy (½), Pause (***), and Southern Pride (** ½)

Film Racket Reviews: June 2019

Reviews of Plus One (* ½), Leto (****), and Bloodroot (** ½)

May 2019

Bunnyman: Grindhouse Edition
The Bastards’ Fig Tree
The Lady Killers
Ask Dr. Ruth

April 2019

His Father’s Voice
Las Vegas Story

March 2019

Goyo: The Boy General
Princess of the Row
Big Kill