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Alejandro González Iñárritu is probably best known for his American Oscar-winning hits like Birdman and The Revenant. Before he wowed Hollywood, however, he first got his career started back in Mexico with Amores perros, a gritty thriller that feels much shorter than its 2.5 hours. 

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Three-hour movies almost always come in two extremes: the dry exegesis that has you staring at your watch or the illuminating immersion that leaves you grateful you came. Yi Yi, the most well-known film from Taiwanese director Edward Yang, doesn’t just fall in the latter category; it actively redefines it.

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In ancient Rome, the satirist Juvenal seethed about the pervasive influence of “bread and circus.” 2,000 years later, Gladiator clearly shows that his words have a long way to go before they sleep.

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