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In 2011, Todd Haynes, the filmmaker behind Far from Heaven and Carol, directed Mildred Pierce, an HBO miniseries that’s decidedly more faithful to James M. Cain’s original novel than Michael Curtiz’s well-known film version. For those who aren’t familiar with any version of Mildred Pierce: the titular character is a middle-aged California woman (played by Kate Winslet) who divorces her cheating husband (Brían F. O’Byrne) and becomes a successful restaurant owner during the Great Depression. Her life, however, is ultimately ruined by her daughter Veda (Morgan Turner, Evan Rachel Wood), a spoiled and spiteful opera singer who manipulates her, insults her, and eventually sleeps with her second husband (Guy Pearce).

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Steve Jobs

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Remember The Social Network, that intense movie about the young antisocial tech genius who made a little website called Facebook? The screenwriter of that movie, Aaron Sorkin, has made another movie about a young antisocial tech genius. Anyone ever heard of this guy called Steve Jobs?

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