The Revenant: Oscar-Less Leo Goes All Out

The Revenant

Leo pleads with the Academy.

Image source. Copyright 20th Century Fox, 2015.

How far are people willing to go to get an Oscar? Colin Firth took on a stutter. Eddie Redmayne took on a life-altering disability. In Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, Leo DiCaprio shows that you can never want that little golden statuette enough. Continue reading

Gangs of New York: Sweeney Todd + Ken Burns = …Meh.

Gangs of New York

Image source. Copyright Miramax Films, 2002.

Gangs of New York really should’ve been two movies. Martin Scorsese, usually very good at his job, has tried to do too much in one film, to combine a personal vengeance story with a massive 19th-century-urban-America historical epic. The result: a muddled mess. Continue reading